Fun Day Monday

We all got some needed extra sleep this morning after the past 2 ½ days of Olympic fun. It was a lazy late wake-up morning and then off to The Lodge for a delicious breakfast.  We’ve been on high gear since the Olympic games started so our lazy morning was so very needed.

We got right back into camp action this afternoon with regular activities. The weather was perfect and the mood was ideal. It was great getting back to our regular schedule. We went right back into our Wayne County Tournaments.

Middy Girls Softball – CAW 8 vs. Bryn Mawr 4

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Poyntelle 0

Collegiates Girls LAX – CAW 7 vs. Towanda 4

Senior/Super Girls Tennis Tournament @ Indian Head – Congratulations to Jayden Bier for winning the entire Tournament – Way to go Jess Leichter and Casey Kaplan for making it to the finals!

Freshmen/Junior Boys Baseball – CAW 13 vs. Chestnut Lake 1

Collegiate Boys Softball – Lavi 11 vs. CAW 9

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 45 vs. Tioga 5

Super/ Senior Softball – Westmont 6 vs. CAW 1

GC/CIT Basketball Tournament at Tyler Hill – CAW 41 vs. Tyler Hill 25 – Trails End 36 vs. CAW 34

At evening line-up we announced our Camper’s of the Week. There is nothing quite like hearing your name being called knowing that you have done a great job this week. These campers earned it and deserve it. Congratulations to these outstanding campers!! We are so proud of you.

Freshmen                        Addison Rubovitz                                   Jack Resnick

Juniors                            Jordan Shohet                                         Jordan Stone

Middies                           Chloe Ross                                                Cole Sussman

Inters                               Anna Kaplan                                            Noah Hirshfield

Collegiates                      Jordan Ash                                               Wolf Cukier

Seniors                           Jordan Huberman                                    Sam Rochlin

Supers                           Carly Wills                                                 David Mason

GC’s                               Ashley Haber                                            Henry Weinstock

CIT’s                              Lindsay Sandler                                       Jason Rossell


Then it was off to an absolutely perfect night for Round Robin as each division took over a spot on camp and had the best time at their own evening activity.

All our Freshmen campers spent their night making chocolate in the canteen. Junior boys had a night playing Wiffle Ball under the lights as the Junior and Middy girls played a GaGa tourney in Shield Halls. Middy boys got busy in the Roller Hockey rink with a giant game of Dodgeball.  Inter boys enjoyed their own World Cup Soccer Tournament up on the field while Inter girls had fun playing mass BBG. Collegiate boys got wet wild and wacky on the Chenny Zoom and Collegiate girls spent their night in Arts and Crafts making friendship fish tail bracelets. It was a movie in the Chen-A-Plex for our Senior boys and girls. Super boys had a treat as they dined in the Cookhouse making Dan’s famous Pizza.  Super Girls enjoyed their spa party in their bunk tonight. The GC’s and CIT’s had a cupcake decorating party in the lodge while watching the Homerun Derby.

It was a homerun of a night for each division.

Chenny out.