Red Madagascar Wins Olympics!

After two and a half intense days of Olympic games, Red Madagascar brought home the victory. The morning was full of games and the Olympic spirit was strong. Everyone gave it all they had. No matter if it was a game of steal the bacon, kickball or basketball the intensity and desire to win was there. Each team fought a great battle to the very end.

After a full day of games and track meets, the scores were too close to call and in true Olympic spirit, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO SING. We loaded into Shields Hall tonight and each team presented their plaque and banner.  The artwork was spectacular and will forever be a part of Chen-A-Wanda Olympic history, as we proudly will display them for years to come. Each team presented a Cheer, an Alma Mater and a March for the judges.  The lyrics they wrote and sang, the meaning and the heart in which they were performed made everyone in the Shields Hall feel as if they were part of something special. All singing in unison, these words will never be forgotten and will leave an indelible mark on all of us. To be present for such a display of sportsmanship, honor and camp pride is quite humbling.

What made this summers’ Olympic games so special was to see the elation of each team member on Red Madagascar as they worked so hard over the past few days and reached their goals. Their celebration was well deserved but after the hugs and cheers every Red team member turned to their fallen comrades and congratulated those on Gold Bahamas and Blue Greece for a battle well fought.  The sportsmanship and empathy displayed in Shields Hall this evening was awe-inspiring. There were tears of joy for winning and there was heartache of defeat but in the end these three separate teams came back together as one camp family and showed respect for the games and honor for one another. That is what these games are all about. In life there will be times we win and times we loose but at camp, we truly honor the effort we have all given and the respect we have for each other and that makes all the difference.

Chenny out.