Carnival Comes to Chenny


The sun was shining bright on all of us here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and it was a perfect day. Days like today we wish we could bottle up and play on repeat. Everyone had a ball at our carnival today. If you weren’t sliding down the giant slide or getting your brain scrambled on the sit on spin you were playing ring toss or tic tac toe for prize tickets. We all munched on popcorn, crunched on snow cones and devoured giant puffs of pink cotton candy. The music was blasting and a giant dance party broke out in the center of carnival. The happy mood here always allows for some great random dancing. It’s fun to watch it all happen but so much better to get out there and dance like nobody is watching you. It’s easy to do that here. There is a freedom to let go and let loose here and as we boogie down with the cupid shuffle or jam with the electric slide, we are left feeling exhilarated.

It was hard for our athletes to step away from the fun at Carnival but both games that were played today ended in  Chenny victories.

Middies/Inters Boys Softball – CAW 17 vs. Nesher 4

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 3 vs. Nesher 2

The fun continued into tonight’s evening activity with Wild and Wacky Races. We raced on hobby horses,  got pied in the face, played name that tune and giant word scrambler and of course, some of us got slimmed.

It’s a Chen-A-Wanda tradition to give out carnival T-shirts and this year we didn’t disappoint. Collegiate camper Emily Sobel was the inspiration for our T’s as she uttered a phrase to me this past winter that stuck out and was pure brilliance. “Camp Chen-A-Wanda – Where missing your parents is totally worth it.” She couldn’t have been more on the mark. It is the essence of CAW – you may miss your parents buts its so worth it!

It’s days like today that leave an indelible mark with us forever.  The days of homework, tests, college applications, crazy after school schedules, Hebrew school and the daily stress we feel for 10 months, just doesn’t exist here. Here, we spend the day eating snow cones, walk around with sticky cotton candy faces and trying to hit the bulls eye to dunk our favorites counselors. The biggest stress of the day was deciding which prize we wanted after cashing in all our prize tickets we got at the carnival.  Your kids deserve days like today and it’s our absolute joy providing it for them.

Chenny Out