The excitement was in the air with the anticipation of a visit from Nets star Brook Lopez and he delivered BIG. I think all our Knick and Heat fans are now big fans of this Nets player. A super great guy and the kids loved him. He spent all day at camp interacting with the kids.

We all gathered at the new court for a skills and drills session with some selected campers. Brook walked around giving pointers and high fives to all the kids. Then we had upper camp play a scrimmage as Brook watched and guided them with suggestions on their game. The morning ended with a Q&A  session as the kids asked him everything from his favorite player block to what is his favorite food is. He was gracious, open, funny and ended the session with how he wished he could be a camper at Chen-A-Wanda. We blew Brooks mind as he entered our typical rockin Lodge for some amazing lunch but what was spectacular is his choice to sit right in between and amongst the Freshman girls. He was rockin out and singing along with the entire camp. Can’t tell you how great it was to see a 7’ tall NBA player singing along to Justin Bieber songs right with our smallest campers.  It was a sight to see. (video and pics will be up soon). To end his visit, Brook went to each bunk and took pictures with each group. He signed an autograph for each and every camper. The day was amazing and we all became huge Brook Lopez fans. What a treat and what a class act he is.

We played some great sports today. Here are the scores to todays games:

Boys 5th Grade Basketball – CAW 27 vs. Tioga 6

Girls 6th Grade Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Trails End 0

Girls 7th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 2

Girls 10th/11th Grade Softball – Wayne 16 vs. CAW 2

A perfect summer night for a swim party and that is exactly what we did tonight. There couldn’t be anything more fun than swimming at night with our friends. There were beach balls and diving contests, cannon balls and just hanging in the pool tubes. The music was pumpin’ and the energy was insane. An awesome day and an incredible night. This will go down in the books as one great Chenny Day!!!!

Chenny out