It was picture day at camp so we spent the morning taking bunk, solo and sibling pics. The temperature was raising so after all our pictures were taken; the pool and lake were the place to be.  We blobbed, we banana boated, we swung on the Tarzan swing and we just had cool fun on a hot day.

Our Chenny athletes played their hearts out today. And gave it their all.

Girls 5th/6th Grade LAX – CAW 9 vs. Trails End 4

Boys 8th Grade Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Poyntelle 1

Girls 9th Grade Tennis – Weequahic 4 vs. CAW 1

Boys 10th/11th Baseball – Poyntelle 11 vs. CAW 1

We had an amazing night tonight with an evening of Round Robin. Each division had their own activity on camp. The Freshman & Junior Boys played Bingo in the Rec Hall. The Freshman Girls made cookies and had story time at the Grabows house. Junior Girls made murals at Arts & Crafts. Middy Boys and Girls made cups of delicious dirt dessert and then watched Holes in the Chen-A-Plex. All of the Inters sang karaoke in the canteen. Collegiate Girls had s’mores and songs at Chenny Village. Collegiate & Seniors Boys played a serious game of Dodgeball in the hockey rink. Super, Senior and GC Boys had sports night in The Lodge. Seniors Girls played a crazy game of wiffleball while the GC Girls had a cookie decorating party in The Cookhouse. Supers & CIT girls enjoyed manicures and facial masks with a beauty night in the Teen Center.

The sky was pink as the sun set over the lake. It was a perfect summer night, just perfect.

Chenny out.