Sign & Song

We had another amazing day and even though it’s only been five days, we have truly formed a family up here. Eating all together, singing all together, playing all together have made these past five days remarkable. Can’t quite explain the feeling of how much support we give one another and how great it feels.

A new camper hit a homerun over the Big Red Monster today at Wiffle Ball and when you do that at camp, you get to sign the wall. It’s not an easy thing to do and when this camper hit that homerun, his entire division cheered him on as if he were in Yankee stadium and hit a grand slam. He only met these boys five days ago and you could hear them all say how proud of him they are. It was pure elation for not only that camper who hit the homerun, but for all who witnessed this great accomplishment. We lift each other up here. Each individual highlight is celebrated by all. We truly love to see each other succeed. What can be better than that?

We are so proud of our 8th grade Boys baseball team who played their hearts out vs. Poyntelle with a 15 – 1 victory. Great job boys.

The evening was all about Sign and Song and the show didn’t disappoint. Each bunk presented their plaque as the judges scored them on creativity, uniqueness and artwork. Girls’ side blew us all away with their amazing dances. What made tonight so special was after each performance, Boys’ side gave every group a loud cheering and supportive standing ovation. The spirit and camp pride was off the charts tonight in our Rec Hall. It’s contagious and it feels awesome.

Congratulations to the winning bunks !

Lower Camp Plaque – Girls Bunk D and Boys Bunk H

Upper Camp Plaque – Girls Bunk W and Boys Bunk W

Lower Camp Dance – Girls Bunk D

Upper Camp Dance – Girls Bunk R

Life is so great!

Chenny out.