Monday Funday!!!

What a day we had up here at CAW. Days like today define what a fantastic camp day should be. The sun was shinning, the mood was great, the campers were energetic and you could feel the joy of being here. It was full day of activities and the campers loved it.

It was big day of auditions for our Theater Department. We had well over 100 campers trying out for our show, West Side Story. Everyone headed up to the studio and rehearsed their parts. Some campers sang, some campers danced and some got dramatic and acted out scenes. They were all terrific and were so proud of their auditions. Bravo to our Chenny Stars!!!

Today was busy day for our Athletic Department with tons of tryouts on both girls and boys camp. Girls camp had tryouts for Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Softball teams. Boys camp had tryouts for Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Roller Hockey and Baseball. We have fantastic athletes here at CAW and can’t wait till the tournaments start.  This summer will be filled with fantastic sport instruction, terrific tournaments and great sportsmanship. Our athletes can’t wait to get out there and play!!!

We ended the night with a fantastic evening activity. Project Dynamite thoroughly entertained us with their comic juggling act. The campers loved it. All you heard were roars of laughter and cheers from the Rec Hall as our campers enjoyed being entertained tonight. A great show!!

We are in full stride and loving every minute of it. As one new camper said to us today, “This place just makes me happy. Life really is Great at Chen-A-Wanda.”

Chenny out.