First Full Day And We Are Flying High

The sound of reveille rang through camp this morning waking up all of our campers.  You could feel the energy throughout camp this morning, as all the campers were eager to start their day of activities.  The sun was shinning and it felt great to be here. There is something very special about waking up in this place. You know that the day is going to be full of fun activities and you get to play all day long and that is exactly what we did today.

Boys camp had their swim test in the morning and girls followed in the afternoon.  Now that the tests were complete, campers could enjoy the lake and pool and boy did they!!!

On girls side it was all about Sign and Song.  Each bunk gathered together as they chose their song and started practicing their dance. All you saw across camp were groups of girls working together, laughing together, connecting and getting the moves down. It was fabulous watching the bonding occur. You simply couldn’t tell who were the new campers and who had been here for many years. That is the magic of this place. We all become one big summer family and it happens this quickly.

It was a Deal or No Deal kind of night in the Rec Hall and the campers got into it. Those campers who were chosen to play kept looking at their division for guidance. Was taking a deal for a pizza party for their division a good deal or should they keep picking cases looking for a better one? We all had a ball and in the end, everyone group got a great deal.

First full day of summer 2011 was a great one. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

Chenny out.