We had another fantastic day here at CAW. Today was the first day of Hobby and the campers loved choosing what activity they wanted to do. There were more tryouts today for our Volleyball, Gymnastics, Lacrosse and Golf teams. All the campers who are interested in joining some teams have been busy working on their game.

We have three games here at CAW tomorrow (Wednesday) all against Tyler Hill. Middy boys basketball, Inters and under girls Tennis and our Senior girls soccer. They are all excited to play and we can’t wait to cheer them on. Go CAW!!!!

It was a big day for our Chenny Actors as the cast for West Side Story was announced. The excitement is contagious as the cast members are psyched about the big show. Our talented cast is ready to entertain us and this show looks to be award winning.

Love was in the air tonight and we caught the fever with The Chenny Dating Game!! Each division played and it was hilarious. Our bachelors and bachelorettes had a great questions and fantastic answers to make the perfect match. A great night full of laughter and love!!!

As the campers are getting used to their activities and schedules, we are all melding into one big summer camp family. It is a sight to see and great to feel. We are all so very lucky to be here and experience the magic of this safe, warm and welcoming summer home.  Only day 4 in and we are loving every minute of it!

Chenny Out.