Another Fantastic Day!!

It’s amazing how much happens within our days here at camp. It’s only our 5th day and the friendships we have made look as if we’ve been together forever. That’s what happens here. We rely on each other as we all share this magical experience together. You will see groups of campers together in activities but it’s the conversations they have, the funny stories they share, the support they give one another that make this journey so worth it.

Our fields and courts were busy with games and Chen-A-Wanda swept every game we had today. Following are todays scores:

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 5  Tyler Hill 3

Inter Girls and Under Tennis – CAW 3  Tyler Hill 2

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 24  Tyler Hill 22

We are so proud of the great sportsmanship they all showed today.

Sign and Song was OUT OF THIS WORLD tonight. The best show we have had yet. The Rec Hall was packed, booming with cheers, chants, songs and dance.  Even our counselors who had the night off, stayed and in to watch the show. Standing room only and it was so worth it.  The plaques were fantastically creative and the girls dances were unbelievably great. Wait until you see the video.  The judges (our Group Leaders) had the hard decision to pick the winners but here they are.

Best Plaque

Lower Boys  – Bunk B

Upper Boys – Bunk P

Lower Girls – Bunk B

Upper Girls – Bunk W

Best Dance

Lower Girls – Bunk D

Upper Girls – Bunk W

It was a great camp night that we will all remember.  The lights are out and all are asleep. Summer 2011 has started off to be one amazing ride!!!

Chenny Out.