A Perfect Camp Day!!!

Days like today make us all sit back and say, this is why we are here at this place. The weather was ideal, the mood was great and camp was full of happy campers.

Tons of games were played today and here are the scores:

Collegiate Boys Tennis /CAW 0 – Starlight 5

Collegiate Girls Tennis / CAW 0 – Starlight 5

Senior Boys Baseball/ CAW 7 – Equinunk 9

Super Boys Basketball / CAW 37 – Weequahic 20

Waiter Boys Softball/ CAW 18 – Nesher 6

The evening activity was “Round Robin” and the campers loved it. Each division had their own activity to play and what a great night it was.

Freshman Girls baked with Grandma and made her famous chocolate cake. Junior Girls loved creating giant art sculptures in Arts & Crafts from every random thing they could find around camp.  It was boys vs. girls in the Rec Hall as the Middy’s battled against each other in a giant dodge ball game. Our Freshman & Junior Boys were having the best time tonight under the lights in the Wiffle Ball stadium. Our Inter Boys and Girls went to the Chen-A-Plex for a movie. It was a nighttime pool party for all of our Collegiates. All the Seniors got into an intense kickball game and had a ball.  While the entire Super division played Ultimate Frisbee under the lights. Our GC’s had a cookie cake cook off in the Cookhouse and we couldn’t tell what was more fun, baking it or eating it!!!!

Days like today fill our hearts with pure camp joy. How lucky we all are to have moments like this in our lives. As we remind ourselves that for ten months our kids work hard, study harder and experience life’s daily stresses. But here at camp, we just play!


Chenny Out.