It was trip today and everyone had a great time as they ventured out of camp for the last time this summer.

Our Freshmen and Juniors had the best day at Camel Beach. They went from ride to ride each one more exciting than the next. It was day of Dune Runners, Triple Venoms and the Giant Sand Storms. They went down the lazy river and just had a ball in the wave pool. It was a perfect day and as the campers got off the bus you heard them all saying how this was the best trip and how they are excited to go back next summer and try the big slide. That’s when you know they’ve had a ball when they can actually see themselves challenged to do the next big ride as they grow.

The Middies and Inters spent their day at Dorney Park. They spent their day on roller coasters and more roller coasters. When they weren’t on rides, they were in the arcade winning giant stuffed animals. The weather was ideal and they wanted to stay longer. As they rolled into camp after their amazing day, they exited the busses, most of them half asleep but all muttering the same thing, “that was the best trip ever”.  What could be better than hanging at an amusement park with you camp friends. It’s a dream that you just don’t want to end.

It was off for a relaxing day at the State park for our Collegiates and Seniors. They enjoyed a fun day of rest, relaxation and hanging out with their friends at the park. They tossed the ball and played Frisbee, they played in the lake and just had an incredible day with each other. The day ended with a BBQ. There was lots of laughter and joy today for these divisions. A memorable sunny day spent with great friends. As they got off their busses and headed back to their bunks, all relaxed, they too were chatting how their day was amazing. Great day spent with great friends.

Our Supers and GC’s had phenomenal day tubing down the river. This is a new trip to CAW and they loved every minute of it. It was a beautiful day with an outstanding activity. Tubing with your buddies down a roaring river in between picturesque mountains. After this fun afternoon, it was to the bowling alley. This group loved their trip today. It was a day that memories were made and good times were had by all.

Yesterday morning our CIT’s woke up to a note on their breakfast table with clues to where they may be going on their CIT surprise trip. They had only an hour to pack some pretty random items and off they went to their surprise adventure. We took them on a wild goose chase until we arrived at our destination, Great Wolf Lodge. They spent the day at the indoor water park and had the best time. The evening was spent in the arcade and just being together. It was an overnight that this amazing group will cherish forever. What a special group of kids. They came back so grateful and happy that they got to spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge. As they are ending their camper years here at CAW, it was a perfect trip and a perfect way to say goodbye to their journey here. Even at 16 years old, the so appreciated the chance to play. At the core, that’s what these kids love to do, just play together, relate to one another, have fun! So glad we gave them the opportunity to have their last trip be so much fun.

Well, it’s official, the next time our campers are on a bus, they will be heading back home to you. Our trips, this summer have been successful and your campers have been a major part of their success. They have all been so well mannered and great listeners. We have had more bus drivers, park personnel, ball game attendants and movie theater managers compliment the behaviors of our kids. What a great feeling it is that when our kids leave our house, all dressed in their Chenny shirts, they make us proud, follow the rules and have the best time of their lives. It was an absolute pleasure bringing our kids out and about this summer. They were fabulous.

We have more camp to do and we plan on making these last 11 days the best yet. It’s not over yet so we will be getting busy with some more outrageous fun. Stay tuned with what is just around the corner. Does anyone sense something big coming? We do!!!!!

Chenny out.