Today, a Junior boy was walking down to the lake with a friend of his, they were arm in arm and I overheard them talking to one another. One said to the other, ”I am really glad we met this summer, it’s been the best summer I have ever had”, then, the friend replied with a simple but powerful response, “It feels like we are family. It’s my best summer too.”  There are thousands of those moments everyday here and I was privileged enough to be there at that one sweet moment.

Another camper, a Middy boy, got a bit emotional after a call home with his parents. I asked if everything was all right and then he so innocently shared with me how this has been the best summer ever. He asked if we would consider adding a few more days or weeks to camp this summer. That when he goes home, he has the stress of Fall Ball and playing baseball at home is way different than playing here.  It all made sense when he asked us if we could tell everyone at home how it could be. That sport can be fun without the stress of disappointing coaches, parents and teammates. He so poetically put it in his own words that he loved playing baseball here at camp because it was just fun to play and that at 10 years old, that’s what it should be. Another magical moment that reiterates how valuable this place is to us all and how necessary it is to our kids; to play without stress and just for the pure love of it.

Our 6th Grade Girls Soccer team summed it up beautifully as they lost their championship game today vs. Blue Ridge. The game was close and they truly felt the win within their reach but as game ended with a final score of 3-2, the coaches gathered the kids and told them how proud they were of them. That within each one of them is a winner, a great sport, an exceptional athlete and a supportive teammate. They came back from the away game to be embraced by their camp friends who were waiting their arrival. In the same breath that they announced they had lost, they told their friends how they had a great time playing a great team. One camper said, “I’ve never had so much fun playing soccer”. There were no tears or put downs or devastation that occurred. Still in their uniforms and cleats, they swung on the swings and laughed together. That is what it is all about. No pressure, just play! Our kids deserve this and we are so happy to give it to them.

After a day of magical moments, we all were entertained by comedian/magician John Pizzi. He didn’t just make us laugh, he cracked us up. It was a fun night watching rabbits coming out of nowhere and watching our campers get elevated right in front of our eyes. Just an all around terrific night.

Chenny out.