The sun was shining down on camp today and the campers were out and took advantage of this perfect camp day. It was Boys Lip Sync tonight so all over camp, you could see each division practicing for the big show. They were getting the steps the right, the moves down and of course having a blast doing it. The counselors led the way and opened that door for the kids to just dance. This is what happens here, you loose your inhibitions, you are never too cool to let loose and dancing in front of the entire camp is what we do.

A lot happened today in the wide world of Chenny Sports. It was a day full of fun and great competition. Some wins and losses but in every battle, we played with heart and learned along the way.

Boys & Girls 4th/5th/6th/7th Grade Archery Tourney @ Wayne – CAW loses but had a great day

Boys 3rd & 4th Grade Soccer – Starlight 2 vs. CAW 0

Boys 5th Grade Soccer Friendly Match – CAW 10 vs. Tioga 0

Girls 5th Grade Tennis – Bryn Mawr 3 vs. CAW 2

Boys 7th Grade Softball – Equinunk 8 vs. CAW 3

Girls 7th Grade Softball – CAW 20 vs. Starlight 5

Boys 7th Grade Baseball – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 4 – CAW WINS WAYNE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Boys 9th Grade Soccer – Chestnut Lake 11 vs. CAW 0

Boys 10th/11th Grade Basketball – CAW 39 vs. Indian Head 23

We even had an in house soccer match with our Girls Collegiates vs. Seniors. The Collegiates prevailed as the winners today and all the campers loved getting an intra camp game going. They just want play.

Tonight was all about Boys side and they delivered in a big way. This is what is so special about our camp. From our cutest Freshman to the coolest CIT’s, they all got up on that stage and danced. You can only assume at home, some of these same kids would never even think of performing on stage but here with their buddies by their side, they danced. They all let loose and entertained a packed house. This is where you have licencse to let loose, to be free without any hesitation and to enjoy yourself without feeling judged. That what makes this place so special.

There could be only be one winner for lower camp and one for upper. Though each division was spectacular in their own right and brought the magic, tonight’s lower camp winner was Junior Boys! They wowed us with their interpretation of a day in the life of a Junior Boy. Upper Camp had so many fantastic performances but tonight went to our CIT’s as they just brought the goods. They were funny, heartfelt and their dance embodied what Boys Lip Sync is all about. Bravo Boys Camp!! You did us all proud.

Chenny out.