It was day that will go down in the books as one of summer 2012 best days. The sky was blue, the weather was ideal, and the mood was just perfect. Happy campers all around, it was carnival Day at Chenny.

The morning was full of championships Battles. Another fantastic day of sports here at Chenny.

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Soccer Championship Game – Equinunk 2 vs. CAW 1 – overtime

Boys 5th Grade Basketball Championship Game – Lavi 24 vs, CAW 20

Boys 5th Grade Baseball Championship Game – Starlight 5 vs. CAW 3

Girls 7th Grade Softball Championship Game – CAW 10 vs. Poyntelle 0

They all played hard and for the pure love of the game. The way it is supposed to be. It has been an amazing summer of great sportsmanship, unreal effort and tremendous teamwork.  We couldn’t be more proud of what we have seen on our fields and courts. These are kids just playing to play. Not because they have to but because they want to. There is no stress, there is just play!

The afternoon was all about Carnival. All our campers had a blast as they raced in the giant inflatable obstacle course or slipped down the water slide. Some dared to get on the Twister but everyone loved the sno-cones, popcorn and cotton candy. There was the ever famous dunk tank and oh so popular giant gloves boxing ring. It was a perfect afternoon at our very own carnival. Our CIT’s had their own wedding booth and performed 100’s of unions. Everyone who got married received an official license and beautiful pipe cleaner ring.  There was music playing and campers couldn’t contain their happiness. It was just a perfect afternoon playing with our friends. Doesn’t get much better than that!

We gathered the entire camp today on the basketball court outside of the Rec Hall after evening line up for a very special ceremony. Everyone assumed this was a Color War Fake out but something much more profound was about to occur. Celebrating his 25th summer at Chen-A-Wanda, we honored our Director, Gary Shields and renamed our Rec Hall to SHIELDS HALL. His commitment, dedication and loyalty to this camp will now be forever celebrated with a hall named after a terrific man who has put his heart and soul into CAW for the past 25 years. This sign shines bright and we are proud to display it. The campers and staff celebrated with him and were excited to be a part of this moment in CAW history.

When I say that our Chenny Circus Show was the best evening activity yet, I am not exaggerating. The production, the storyline, music and costumes were phenomenal but to see our kid’s fly was breathtaking. Our campers were the stars of the show and to see how they performed was just stunning. Campers come here with some skills in traditional sports or in the arts but to see what they learn here at Circus and be able to perform at such a high level is awe-inspiring. Your kids amaze us. We are so proud of them. You could hear a pin drop as all eyes were on them in pure amazement. Hats off to our talented Circus Staff Rodrigo, Lucas, Carey, Denise and Marylou for their commitment to teaching our kids to fly. They sure did soar tonight and they will take that feeling of pure freedom with them wherever they go.

As we all were being dismissed by Gary Shields, you heard Native American chants and deep banging on drums. Just over the Little League field wall came Indians who were dancing a traditional dance. Their faces painted Red & Gold… Could this be a Color War? At that moment, a group of Cowboys wrangled up to fight the Indians and it was WAR! There were two small children (Elana Kessler and Sam Rouder) that needed to be sacrificed for this War and were brought to the center of this battle. As our Indian Chief and Cowboy battled, they asked the children to say something before the sacrifice and they both responded with a giant FAKE OUT!!! The campers loved it and laughed all they way back to their bunks. Color War is getting closer and we all feel it!!!!!

Chenny out