WE HAVE A COLOR WAR – RED 80's vs. GOLD 90's

WOW! What a day. Before we jump into the details of this glorious Color war break. Which was AWESOME by the way. We are proud to announce the Campers of the Week. They have shined, gone above and beyond and stood out as tremendous campers this week. Way to go!

Girls Side

Bunk A – Sydney Rosenberg

Bunk B – Jamie Liebman

Bunk C – Gracie Murphy

Bunk D – Emily Burke

Bunk E – Alexa Plotkin

Bunk F – Lauren Becker

Bunk G – Avery Paulen & Jackie Albert

Bunk H – Rian Marcus

Bunk I – Ally Heller & Emily Sobel

Bunk J – Daisy Chaskin

Bunk K – Kate Reneri

Bunk L – Hannah Pollack & Jayden Bier

Bunk M – Michaela Beck

Bunk N – Carly Belasco

Bunk O – Sydney Schecter

Bunk P – Gillian Stapler

Bunk Q – Hannah Grisack

Bunk R – Carly Arfman

Bunk S – Sam Pollack

CIT’s – Taylor Rosenblatt


Boys Side

Bunk A – Jared Cohen

Bunk B – Daniel Greenfield & Parker Moritz

Bunk C – AJ Grisack & Parker Schnell

Bunk D – Ben Breslow

Bunk E – Sam Schamis

Bunk F – Tyler Streim

Bunk G – Ross Ostrager

Bunk H – Josh Shiffman

Bunk I – Jordan Rosenberg

Bunk J – Mason Sklar

Bunk K – Bennett Goldstein

Bunk L – Mack Schnell

Bunk M – Tyler Schwartz

Bunk N –Matt Burack

Bunk O – Andrew Santoro

Bunk P – Jeremy Gaines

Bunk Q – David Tell & Jason Teich

Bunk R – Jack Siegel

CIT’s – Brett Croen

Before the big festivities, we were able to get some games and matches in today.

Boys 5th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Equinunk 2 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Boys 6th Grade LAX – Tioga 7 vs. CAW 4 (friendly game)

Girls  6th Grade Basketball – CAW 10 vs. Island Lake 6 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Boys 6th Grade Basketball – Wayne 39 vs. CAW 34

Girls 7th Grade Soccer – Indian Head 3 vs. CAW 1

Boys 8th Grade Tennis – Wayne 5 vs. CAW 0

Boys 10th/11th Grade Basketball – Tyler Hill 76 vs. CAW 64

Girls 10th /11th Grade Tennis – Westmont 7 vs. CAW 4

Back to the business of Color War. There was great anticipation all day with so many questions if we were breaking today. We had a fun Fake Out during lunch as we showed a video on the big screen. It got everyone excited again as to when the big break will happen.  There was so much energy all day, you could feel it. It was tangible and with each passing hour, it grew more intense.

It was an all-camp movie and as each camper entered Shields Hall, they were sure it was breaking tonight. We went old school and showed Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back but this showing was a bit off from the original. The first 5 minutes, campers were chanting Color War War but then soon came to realize that this actually might just be a movie night. And with each passing minute, they became more vested in the story of Star Wars, Princess Leah, Luke, and Hans Solo. Their wishes for Color War faded. Then just as Darth Vader made his appearance o the big screen, something seemed off. Darth Vader spoke how the Juniors do not yet have the Force and how there is a war, a Color War about to be had. Unlike the original movie, Darth Vader took off his mask and it was none other than Gary Shields and he told them all to head to the Lodge and that the Force would be with them. They screamed with excitement. It was here. Color War was finally here.

All of the campers ran to the Lodge and realized that there were two Bands at opposite ends of the room. It was a Battle of The Bands and it was about to get crazy in the Lodge. The bands alternated as they performed songs from the 80’s and the 90’s. With each song, our head and professional staff ran out dressed as MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Britany Spear, Beavis and Butthead, Axl Rose and Boy George. It was a flashback to two fun eras full of neon and teased rocker glam hair.  The entire camp sang along and danced to each performance and we all ended the concert with Don’t Stop Believing! You have to be in a room where every single person is singing at the top of their lungs, Don’t Stop Believing. It is inspiring, it is emotional, and it is all encompassing. IT IS COLOR WAR!!!!!

Let the Battle Begin!

Chenny Out.