It's was a Chenny Idol day!

We had a perfect camp day, full of regular activities.  The day was fun and full of camp spirit. Campers were excited about the new giant slide and watermat that made their debut in our lake today. The 10″ slide is amazing and the campers could not wait to get on it and take a slide down into the cool lake. It was a day that the campers played on the beach and made huge & elaborate sand castles. What a fun day we had!

With the sun going down, all the camp chatter was about Chenny Idol. The campers loaded into the Rec Hall and watched the Chenny Idol auditions. But the big news was who would be named the Top 10 finalists and here are our finalists: Julia Blee, Julia Bromley, Jake Quadrino, Carly Wills, Julie Mendleson, Alyssa Innamorato, Daniel Gur, Jessica Leason, Sofie Wolf and Alissa Abramson. All ten finalists will perform live in front of the whole camp, trying to get in the top 3 spots for our big finale show.  The winner will get a limo for his/her bunk and get to go out on the town for dinner. They also get a star inside the School of Rock that will hang on the walls for years to come. Congratulations to all our finalists and all the campers who auditioned.

I asked a new camper today if camp was everything she thought it would be and she responded with, “I have never had so much fun. I have never missed my parents so much. I never thought I would actually do the trapeze, but I did. And I never want to leave this place.”

Another great day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.