A Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a terrific day at camp. After yesterdays trip, we had a late wake up to give our campers some extra zzzz’s. It was regular activity day and with the heat still blazing, our pool, lake and the zone was the cool place to be. Our Hydration Team, aka Camp Mom’s, set up their table full of ice cold water so that all our campers stayed hydrated. We had a fantastic day and the mood was great. Center camp had rockin’ music playing and the campers were in the groove.

It was Round Robin Night again at camp. The Collegiates , Seniors, Supers, GC’s and CIT’s watched Heavyweights in our outdoor movie theater. Our Junior, Middy and Inter Girls enjoyed a night swim party. They all had a ball. Our Junior Middy and Inter Boys got into The Zone for some fun night water balloon fun!!

It was just a GREAT day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and we are all in the swing of one fantastic summer!

Chenny out.