Phenomenal Friday

We had another great day full activities and happy campers. The weather finally cooled down and camp had a great buzz.

Our camper talent show was tonight so all the campers in the show were rehearsing their talents throughout the day. We had singers, comedians, dancers, drummers, impressionists, trumpet players and more. There is one thing we learned about our camp family, we have very talented campers here at CAW. The big show was fantastic and the performers got big applause after each act. It is amazing to see that when our campers take the stage, they are cheered on and supported by the entire camp. No matter if one sings out of tune or misses a step, there are cheers, claps and applause. We are a true camp family that lift each other up. Tonight was awesome!!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Chenny out.