Hello Muddah…Hello Faddah…Life Is Great At…..Chen-A-Wanda

Today we had a late wake up and boy we needed it. The pace of the last five days was fast and furious so getting some extra zzzz’s was much needed. As camp started to wake up and we all headed to brunch, something caught our eye. It would appear that camp had been pranked. Our Arts & Crafts building was spray painted, colored and splattered. This was a sight to see and as everyone approached with great caution, it was obvious who was responsible. The CIT’s and Waits were the artists and left behind their mark. The new brightly colored building had then inspired the rest of camp to get creative and continue where they left off. Everyone knows that this building is coming down after camp and for the next few days, our CIT’s are responsible for the most beautiful, creative jaw dropping piece of art we have on campus. Great work girls.. You left your signature on a piece of Chenny History. Today, it became the place that we hung out at, cried in, left our own signature on and was a reminder that just like this building, our summer will soon be gone.

Today was a Chenny Championship kind of day!!!

Congratulations to our Inter Girls Softball Team who won the Wayne County Championship vs. Lavi with a score of 10 -0!!! It was a great game, with superb sportsmanship. Excellent work girls. You deserved the Championship!!

Way to go to our GC/CIT Girls Soccer Team who defeated Nesher to win their Wayne County Championship today with a score of 11-0!! We couldn’t be more proud of your teamwork! You all rocked!!

The highly anticipated Late Night with Leahy proved to be one of this summer favorite evening activities. Our Boys Head Counselor Brian Leahy, was the host to his very own Late Night Talk Show and brought the laughter in. He entertained the crowd with hilarious videos and brilliant performances. He produced a fantastic show, one that you just have to see to believe. The Rec Hall was exploding with laughter as we all watched in amazement of how truly talented our very own late night host is. We put Brian right up there with the likes of Letterman & Leno but we bet that those guys couldn’t hold a candle to how Leahy runs lower camp.

It’s hard to believe but we only have 3 days left in our summer home.

Chenny out.