Red Robbers Win Color War

The past 5 days have been exhilarating, exciting and spirited. We have felt the highs of winning and the disappointment of loosing. This Color War we have all just experienced made us push ourselves beyond what we thought was possible. We played the best we could and at times when pure exhaustion set in, we pushed harder but there was no quitting. Not here, not now.

We learned that each one of us counts and matters. We learned that when our teammates got behind us, anything is possible. We learned that Color War is an act of determination, commitment and pride. We learned that loosing is part of life’s process. We learned that winning feels great when you work really hard for something. We learned that even in our celebration, there is always room for compassion as our friends feel the agony defeat. We learned that we all went through this together and are better because of it.

Red Robbers did win Color War tonight and we congratulate them for their phenomenal teamwork and effort. Gold Cops never gave up and fought a long hard battle full of spirit and sportsmanship. After five long days as two separate teams, we are now back to one united camp. It was an amazing week and as this summer comes to a close, we are so grateful for every day we have spent here. Life is truly Great at Chen-A-Wanda!!!

Chenny out.