Feels like we just got here… How can it be over?

We had a great day today as we all down shifted. It’s that time of summer as we start preparing to pack up and head home.  All the campers got a few more activities in today but it was a day to relax, hangout and just get some great quality time with our best summer friends.  It was just one of those great days we spent with each other. We were playing basketball on the biddy courts, jumping rope on the Rec Hall court and playing some fun BBG on the Lake Court. You could actually feel the joy all throughout camp today. It was just a great day.

As our last official trip of the summer, the whole camp went to out to the movies tonight. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day!  Everyone was relaxed, chilled out and enjoyed munching on popcorn and watching a movie with their campies. When you look around and all you see is a sea of Gold Chenny shirts sitting next to you in the theater, you know that you are part of one very special summer family. We look out for one another and each of us make it whole!

We have a few more great things to look forward to as Banquet and Memory night are still ahead of us. Everyone is looking forward to getting dressed up and dancing the night away tomorrow night at Banquet. It will be a night to remember as we close down summer 2011.

It feels as if we just arrived here at Chen-A-Wanda. It’s hard to believe that we are all going home in just a few days. But before the tears come rolling down, and we know they will it’s party time!!!

Chenny out.