Our Last Dance… Banquet 2011

There was a buzz around camp today and it was all about Banquet. The weather was perfect and the mood was great. Everyone knew that tonight was the big dance and the excitement was growing. The morning was chilled out and relaxed and the afternoon was full of anticipation of a great night. We have gone through the entire summer looking forward to Banquet and it’s finally here!!!

Everyone got dressed up in their finest clothes and was ready to impress. There were no Chenny t’s and soffe shorts, it was dresses and colored shirts. Everyone looked amazing and happy. It was a night to celebrate our summer her at Chen-A-Wanda and that is exactly what we did. The entire camp gathered outside the Dining Hall tonight before dinner as we all took pictures together. Groups of friends gathered together as they caught each moment with a picture.  Wishing time would stand still as they do in each frame.

As we entered the Dining Hall to see how the CIT’s and Wait’s had decorated the room, there were cheers of support as the campers entered the jungle. It was an awesome sight to see as our Dining Room became a Safari The room was transformed and looked amazing. We all sat down and had the most delicious meal of the summer. What made this dinner even more fun and perfect was the impromptu conga line that started with boys and ended with the girls. We just have fun here, that’s what we do.

After dinner it was into the Rec Hall for end of summer Awards. It was a remarkable night as we honored our outstanding campers of the year. Congratulations to the following campers who received the highly respected awards tonight. These campers shined throughout the summer.

Lower Camp

Athlete of the Year                      Adam Covey & Skylar Kohn

Honor Camper of the Year        Eli Kellner & Ally Heller

Camper of the Year                      Josh Friedman & Hannah Pollack

Upper Camp

Athlete of the Year                       Steven Bochner & Mychael Schnell

Honor Camper of the Year         Jason Rossell & Paige Mandel

Camper of the Year                       Tyler Loberbaum & Gillian Stapler

Then it was time to party and oh how we danced the night away. The DJ played all our favorite songs we stayed up late dancing with our friends. It was an amazing night that we will never forget. We just loved it and didn’t want it to end. A prefect party to end a perfect summer!!

Chenny out.