Our last day of Color War started out with more games. All the campers played hard and were great competitors. It’s been a great 4 days of competition and today was no different. The weather was ideal and the mood was great. All the campers had great attitudes and fantastic sportsmanship. There were cheers for the winners and heart points for the teams that showed the most compassion. This five day competition brought out the best of us but it all came down to Sing. The score was so close that heading into to tonight’s Sing competition, it was any one’s game.

Both Gold Navy and Red Army had phenomenal costumes and they were ready to sing their hearts out. They performed their Cheer, their March and their Alma Mater. Both teams were outstanding and the judges had a difficult decision to make.  As the artists held up their teams banners and plaques, the campers went crazy with excitement. Both Army’s and Navy’s artwork were amazing and will be hanging in the Rec Hall for all to see.

The campers were waiting to hear the announcement of who won this years Color War. They watched the judges dance around as they played musical chairs and one by one, they were eliminated. It came down to one red and one gold left in the game. The music stopped and the gold judge grabbed the seat. The Rec Hall erupted with excitement from the Gold Navy team. Gold Navy wins… Gold Navy wins!!!! The race was so close with the final scores being Gold Navy 3,423 and Red Army 3,391. Only 32 points separated the winning team.

What you saw during the elation of victory is how everyone in Gold reached out to their Red opponents and congratulated them for a great battle and a job well done. There were hugs and high fives. We are a summer camp family here at Chen-A-Wanda and though we just ended an intense battle, the priority from our campers and staff was to make sure we are all ok and feel good no matter if we won or lost.

For five days our camp was divided and tonight we are again one. Back together for the end of a great summer.  We made memories that we will never forget. What we learned during Color War is profound and we will carry these lessons throughout our lives. Camp is coming to an end and we are cherishing every moment we have with each other.

We are excited for late wake up tomorrow and are grateful for the extra sleep. We still have four more days full of fun, friends and Banquet. It’s not over yet!!!

Chenny out