A Chilled Out Day

After a fantastic week, we all enjoyed our brunch morning and extra sleep. It was a lazy morning and the campers had free play as we slowed it down from a week of intense play. Everyone was in a great mood and happy to have a relaxed day. We all know that camp is coming to an end and just getting to hang out with our friends and play is what we all loved doing today. The afternoon was spent back in activities.

The evening activity was out of this world. Our Host and Boys Head Counselor, Brian Leahy debuted his own Talk show, Late Night with Leahy. It was hilarious, it was smart and it thoroughly entertained us. There was a Top Ten List of reasons why Chen-A-Wanda is the greatest camp, there were interviews with special guests, there were fantastic prizes given out to the entire studio audience and a finale that blew our socks off. The Chen-A-Wokeez performed a dance that amazed us all. We already asked for a repeat performance of this talented dance group at banquet.

We all know that the end of camp is right around the corner and we are cherishing every last moment we have to spend with each other. This summer, we have made life long friends, memories we will cherish forever, and have loved every day spent here at Chen-A-Wanda. The highs, the lows and everything in between has been amazing and has effected every single one of us this summer. How lucky are we that we all still have three days to spend together and more memories to make. Life is good.

Chenny out.