A Rainy Day and A Movie Night

It was a perfect day for the rain to fall. We had a day in our bunks to play and relax. We are staring to gather up our things and are getting ready for camp to end. There is nothing quite like watching the rain fall as we are sitting on our bunk porches reflecting on the fun we’ve had these past seven weeks. As we strolled through camp, you would see our Junior boys outside there bunks together trying to catch raindrops in their mouths. The Junior girls were taking pictures of each other on their porches and having runway model shows. Our Senior girls were just loving hanging out with their camp sisters. This bonding was happening all over our camp today and this is what our summer is all about. Even on a rainy day, the joy was just being with our camp friends.

All the campers loaded the buses and together as a whole camp we went to the movies. It was a Chen-A-Wanda invasion at the Montage Mountain Cineplex. They had a great night and all campers are back home safe and sound. It was our last trip of summer 2010 and we can’t help but feel emotional that all great things do come to an end. This has been an incredible summer and we are so grateful to have shared it with your children. Tomorrow is banquet and we all cant wait to celebrate and dance to the night away. Looking forward to another amazingĀ  day.

Chenny out.