Apache Relay and Skit Night

We started out the day with a the Apache Relay. It is a giant relay race with everything from elephant walks to piggyback races to the “unknown”. Every camper has a part and a purpose. It’s working together to the ultimate goal of advancing their team for the win. The entire campus is used and following this unique and crazy race is fun beyond imagination. You can feel the energy as the starting whistle blew. Who was going cross that finish line first? There were a total of 4 teams competing today. Red Army 1 & 2 and Gold Navy 1 & 2. It was a photo finish and the race ended with Gold Team #1, crossing the finish line first but right behind was Red Team #2. Then Gold Team #2 finished followed by Red Team #1. As we approached the evening, Red Army was up by 27 points.

With only 27 points separating the teams, we all knew that skit night was important and crucial to gain the lead. Both teams practiced and rehearsed. It was fantastic show and both teams displayed creativity, spirit, drama and overall entertained us with their skits. The judges deliberated and the win tonight went to Gold Navy. As we ended the evening, the scores were announced: Red Army has 2,538 and Gold Navy has 2,539.  This is the closest Color War in Chen-A-Wanda history. We have ourselves a real WAR!!!!

It all comes down to tomorrow ‘s games and Song.  Who wants it more, Red Army or Gold Navy?

Chenny out.