Color War Day 3

We had a great day today. The campers were prepared and ready for another fantastic day of Color War competition. The morning was full of games and we were outside all day playing. The boys had their track and field meet today and they ran relays and sprints. They had a ball up at the soccer field and everyone was giving it their all.  Both Red Army and Gold Navy were working hard trying to get that finish line. The girls were swimming for a win at their swim meet. There were relays, kick board relays at the pool and boat races in the lake. It was a fantastic day and both teams ran and swam their hearts our. With an even split down the middle,  both teams brought home the wins and points for their teams.

You all will be receiving mail as it was mandatory letters home to get in the dining hall tonight for dinner. Tonight’s evening activity was quiz night. Each division had their own quiz and received points for every correct answer. Then it was off to the Rec Hall where we all watched our counselors either answer tough questions or pass. It was a close race but only 2 points separated the teams. Tonight’s win went to Red Army as they proved to know more useless knowledge than that Gold Navy.

Congratulations Chen-A-Wanda for another amazing day of Color War.

Chenny out.