Color War Day 2…Games, Games more Games and Rope Burning

The weather was perfect, clear and crisp. It was an ideal day for games and competition. The campers were all geared up in their Red and Gold garb, faces were painted and we all were ready to start day #2.  Our campers had  a day of games, psych speeches, team meetings and song practice. The games were fierce yet friendly, fun and spirited. This is what we do at Color War. We play fair, we play hard and we always support one another. You see the desire to win in our campers faces but you always see respect for the game and for each other.

Tonight was a camp favorite. It was time for Rope Burning. We all bundled up as we headed up the hill to see the fantastic event. As all the campers sat with their respective teams, they cheered on the “burners” who built the fire that had to burn the rope and boil the water. The Gold team shot out of the gates quickly and both of their fires started immediately. It was no contest. Gold Navy’s water boiled first and the crowd went wild. Then they burned their rope and left Red Army in the dust tonight. Gold Navy desperately needed tonight’s win as they were behind by 200 points before the evenings competition. It’s any one’s game after the Gold Navy win tonight.

Congratulations Gold Navy and Red Army for a fantastic day of great competition, superb sportsmanship and camp spirit that is off the charts. We can’t wait to see what day three will bring.

Chenny out.