GIRLS SING… A Night To Remember

A new camper asked me a question this morning that I just couldn’t answer but I completely understood what she meant. She asked me how does this place make her feel so good all the time? Her sweet innocent face summed up what we all feel, everyday here. Then she and her friends ran off as they laughed and giggled all the way to the swings.  As I sat and watched her and her friends on the swings, I witnessed the magic of why this place makes us feel good all the time. It is moments like these, daily moments that bring the magic to this place. They are playing jacks with your friends, they are sitting in the lap of your counselor at line up, they are having dance parties on your porch, they are having a catch with your buddy and they are telling your deepest secrets to your friends who will never judge you. It’s as simple as running to the swings with your friends who push you higher and higher.  It isn’t the buildings or fields but the human connections we make each day that make us feel good all the time here. This new camper, only being here for 4 weeks got it and once you get it, it will always be with you.

It was a good day for some Chenny games and matches.

Girls 3rd /4th Grade Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Wayne 0

Boys 3rd/ 4th Grade Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Equinunk 1

Boys 9th Grade Tennis – CAW 5 vs. Weequahic 0

Boys 10th/11th Grade LAX – CAW 0 vs. Equinunk 12

Congratulations to our Campers of The week. You have earned the highest honor and we are proud of you all.

Freshman – Jessica Jeffe & Jared Lichetn

Juniors – Brooke Kanganis & Sam Rouder

Middies – Brooke Marshall & Tyler Konigsberg

Inters Jordana Leff & Matt Haber

Collegiates – Haylie Baum &  Eli Kellner

Seniors – Juliette Kaplan & Max Secular

Supers – Amanda Scheman & Andrew Santoro

GC’s – Steph Roth & Jordan Birnholz

Wanderers – Julie Mendelson, Sophia Malkosis & Josh Cohen & Kyle Stern

The night was all about Girls Sing and it was spectacular. The pride, the joy and the honor of this night was tremendous. Each division worked so hard and it showed. When boys side sat is awe for 2 hours, you know it was entertaining and awesome. The support boys side gives girls side is just breathtaking. From our adorable freshmen through our crazy talented CIT’s , they all brought the house down. I could never bring justice to describing the bonds these girls have with one another but watching them up on stage perform together allows us all to witness it for ourselves.  They have all created a sisterhood that will follow them throughout their lives. The decision to pick winners for lower and upper camp was beyond difficult, after an agonizing discussion from our boy Group leaders Middies and CIT’s were named the best of the night.

It’s nights like these that will stick out as one of summer 2013 best nights as it defines all that is good about Chen-A-Wanda. The only word that comes to mind after watching the true affection we have for one another is as simple as it gets… it’s  just LOVE!!!

Chenny Out