Super Sunday Funday

Today was one of those summer days we wish wouldn’t end. Having been here for 4 weeks, we have passed the mid way mark and it seems that each day passes quicker than the next. How can we make time stop or at least slow down? We all wait so long to spend 51 days here and it seems to be going way too fast. At this point in the summer, everyone seems to cherish the little things that truly matter the most. Our relationships have grown stronger by the day and our new friends have officially become our family and old friends have continued to enrich our lives.

There is something that sticks out to me every summer I watch these relationships grow and that is benefit of a hug. Something so simple and easy as a hug or a piggyback ride or holding a hand is just what we do, daily. It’s human connection that we all crave and here that itch is scratched. We may not even realize how much we need it until we get here and standing next to your friend or counselor seems awkward without sitting on their lap, holding their hands or giving them a hug. It’s the thread that makes us closer and it fills us up. Doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, younger, older or staff, we all need that human contact and here is where we get it, freely and openly. How different the world be if getting and giving hugs happened like they happen here at camp. You can’t help but smile as you watch campers walk arm in arm to an activity. It brings our friendships to a very different level than with our home friends. It is why our friends here become our family.

We played hard today. Our athletes gave it everything they had.

Girls 5th Grade Basketball – CAW 13 vs. Westmont 21

Girls 8th/8th Grade LAX – CAW 13 vs. Starlight 10

Boys 3rd/4th Grade Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 3

Boys 9th Grade Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 3

Our Freshmen had an incredible night at camp as they started with a blindfolded candy grab and watched The Incredibles in the Chen-A-Plex in their pj’s follwed by warm cookies and cold milk then off to bed. It was a perfect night for our youngest and most adorable campers.

It was off to the movies for our Juniors, Middies and Seniors. They munched on popcorn and relaxed watching the latest summer releases.

Our Inters and Collegiates spent their night at a bowling alley enjoying their fun filled evening. When they were done bowling, it was into the arcade for some more fun and games.

Seniors, Supers and GC’s were back at camp packing for their big trip to Boston tomorrow and in true Chenny tradition, they had a Road Rally followed by a giant ice cream party!

Our Wanderers landed safely in California today and have officially begun their West Coast adventures.

It is an exciting time here at camp and the fun just keeps going on. We packed a lot into this Super Sunday and with 30 days down; the best news is we still have 21 more amazing days ahead. Call us the lucky ones.

Chenny Out