As the Heat Turns Up, We Cool Down!!

We spent the day in our swimsuits and played in the water all day long. It was Water Day at CAW and the wetter we got the more fun we had. Campers spent their day in the lake, pool, the Zone but the highlight was the Chenny Zoom. Our newest addition blew everyone away as they zoomed down the 150’ slip and slide. Cannot fully describe the extent of the fun we all had on the Zoom. It was insane, fast, wet and all you could do was laugh as you sped down this crazy ride. There wasn’t a camper who didn’t love our newest attraction. It was all the talk on camp today and everyone can’t wait to Zoom tomorrow.

Not a terribly busy game day at camp but we did have one match. Congratulations to our 9th Grade Girls Tennis team who beat Westmont 4-1.

The night belonged to boys side who brought down the house with a long standing camp tradition, Boys Lip Sync.. Each division dazzled us with their performances. From the adorable Freshman to the talented and thought provoking Wanderers. You see the amount of time and energy each group dedicated to make tonight a success. Though each group was outstanding there was only one winner for lower camp and upper camp. Tonight’s winners for lower camp went to the Inters as the performed a medley from Justin Timberlake’s life of love lost and found. The Wanderers won for the journey they took us on what life is like as a Chen-A-Wanderer.

As I sit in wonder of this event year after year, I often am reminded that it is their right of passage that documents their journey here.  One Wanderer said it so perfectly as he read a letter at the end of their performance, as this tight group sit together arm in arm. “We came here to Chen-A-Wanda years ago all as individuals and now we are finishing our journey as a family.” You could feel the emotion they had as they just completed their last Lip Sync as Chen-A-Wanda campers. They aren’t afraid to show their deep appreciation for what this experience has brought into their lives and for boys this is truly amazing. To see a stage filled of boys letting loose, dancing in unison, singing together and having the best time is just an awesome sight. Where life today is usually very different for boys as the norm may be intense competition, hiding their emotions or struggling to fit in, tonight was a celebration of our boys just being playful happy connected boys. It was an honor to watch this collaboration of all things fun and all things boys!!!!  The benefits of Chen-A-Wanda are some things we can see and some things we can only feel in our hearts.

Chenny Out.