And The Chenny Idol Winner Is…….

Today was a great day full of regular activities but most everyone opted out of their schedule to practice for Girls Sing and Boys Lip Sync which are both coming up soon. All across camp you saw divisions of campers working together and practicing their moves.  There is deep camp tradition with Girls Sing and Boys Lip Sync and the campers know what is on the line. Watching them practice is as good as watching the real show. Today at center camp, our Super Boys (9th graders) were practicing their routine and having a ball as they laughed harder than they danced but what caught my attention were the freshman boys just sitting and watching in awe. This is where it happens, where our youngest kids begin to see what life is like as a older camper. It’s as if our youngest campers have been handed the baton, to see that it’s cool to dance in center camp in front of everyone. When you see the look our young campers faces as they watch the older kids, you could see the spark of magic in their eyes as they know one day, that will be them.

It was a great day of games in and out of camp. We are proud of our athletes for always playing with great sportsmanship and the love of the game.

Girls 2nd/3rd/4th Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Tioga 0

Girls 7th Grade Basketball – CAW 26 vs. Starlight 16

Girls 7th Grade Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Lohikan 0

Girls 8th Grade Softball – CAW 21 vs. Lohikan 0

Boys 7th Grade Basketball – CAW 37 vs. Equinunk 39

Tonight was all about our Chenny Idol Finale. The top 5 finalists put on quite a show. The competition was fierce as each vocalist deserved to be up there and they sang their heart out. Each contestant knew they were vying for the big prize; a gold star in School of Rock that will forever memorialize the mark they left at Chenny and a stretch party limo for them and their entourage (bunk) as they head out to dinner and a night they will never forget. The audience was singing along with each performance and voting was tough but in the end there was one winner and this years Chenny Idol is JULIA BROMLEY. She sang beautifully and with such meaning. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she so emotionally conveyed her feelings with every note. It was a spectacular magical night in which we all witnessed something very special.


Chenny out