Creating Beautiful Pinch Pots

I was fortunate enough to walk into Arts & Crafts this morning and saw some of the Junior girls learning how to make ceramic pinch pots. Each camper was sitting around the table with a pile of clay in front of them. It was just a gray clump of clay until they rolled, pressed, formed and created the most beautiful pinch pots. If you could imagine the pride and joy on each campers face as their works of art started to take shape. It took patience and time and that is what we have here at camp. Fifteen little girls, learning how to make something that was shapeless and had no use in that form was transformed into beautiful pinch pots. As the counselor said, “the more care and love you put into shaping your pot, the prouder you will feel with the end result.” For 45 minutes their little hands were busy and I was was mesmerized watching them create and saw their proudful faces seeing their results. Each camper that begins their journey here at Chenny, arrive as that mound of clay, ready to to be shaped and molded by the loving care, patience and experiences they have here at camp and each and every one of them leave as perfect unique beautiful pinch pots.

It was a great day for Chenny sports. Win or loose our campers had a ball today.

Middy Girls Soccer  – CAW 5 vs. Tioga 3

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 41 vs. Tioga 7

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 38 vs. Tioga 18

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 12 vs. Starlight 2

GC/CIT Girls Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Starlight 42

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 16 vs. Weequahic 2

Senior Boys Baseball  – CAW 13 vs. Lohikan 3

Super Boys Tennis – CAW o vs. Starlight 5

Not only do we have a caring and loving staff, they are insanely talented and showed off their skills at this evening Staff Talent Show. Our staff sang, danced, told jokes and wowed the crowd with their talents. Shields Hall went nuts as each staff member took that stage and let loose. When our camper see their counselors on that stage, without fear and inhibition, they cheer with so much pride. To get to work in an environment where you have full license to dress in a scooby doo costume, sing, dance and get a standing ovation from a hall packed full, is to see humanity at its best. No judgement here, just support and love. A new staff member that came all the way from Hungary and works as one of our kitchen staff took the stage tonight and sang like an angel and after she was done, came to me and said, “That was the best moment I’ve ever had. There is so much love here, it makes me want to cry”. She summed the night up perfectly.

Chenny out.