Happy Birthday America – Chenny Style

There is something quite special spending the 4th of July at camp. It is a full day of celebrations. Everyone is dressed in Red, White & Blue, faces painted, tutus on and camp is decorated proudly displaying our American pride. Everyone felt the spirit of today. You couldn’t help but part of it, we all were. Seeing our youngest Freshman to our oldest CIT’s all dressed up and proudly showing their American pride is just plain awesome.

The spirit and energy today was following us all throughout the day as we had a giant dance party in The Lodge at lunch. Everyone was up on his or her seats singing and dancing. Nobody wanted it to stop. If you have ever been in a room singing at the top of your lungs and just letting loose by dancing as if no one in the world is watching you, you can understand how we didn’t want lunch to end today.

It was a great day here at Chenny but we all knew that the night was the best part and it did not disappoint. The weather today was rainy but the clouds moved out just in time for our firework show. There was this vibe here at camp that was happy and contagious no matter the weather. No games were able to be played as the weather didn’t cooperate but the fun was still had today.

As dusk turned into night, we all headed up to the outdoor amphitheater and had our first Camper of Week awards. Everyone was head to toe in red, white and blue glow sticks and then it was getting down to business of handing out awards to those campers. A huge congratulations to these standout campers:

Freshman – Meredith Kalina & Aidan Schissler

Juniors – Logan Morris & Ethan Schwartzberg

Middies – Emily Weprin & Jacob Adler

Inters – Morgan Klein & Scott Pinsk

Collegiates – Carly Arends & Dylan Bortnick

Seniors – Sydney Jacobson & Brayden Schwartz

Supers – Brooke Turell & Jacob Werner

GC’s – Maci Rubenstein & Reed Dooskin

CIT – Ashley Haber & Matt Krieger

After awards were given out, the countdown began and the first firework shot up in the air and was spectacular. I truly don’t know what is more impressive to watch; the sky light up with a rainbow of colorful fireworks or the look of amazement on your children’s faces as they watch with such anticipation for each firework to unveil above them.  They were just in amazement of what they were seeing and watching them enjoy it so, was a gift they gave to us. No matter if you are 7 or 77, the 4th of July fireworks amaze us but spending this day with your camp family makes today a summer standout. Hope you all had a great 4th because we sure did.

Chenny out