Camped cooled down today with a nice rain after a full hot week. We’ve been running full steam since we have all arrived and having some rain activities was a fun change of pace. The sun peeked out throughout the day so we got a ton of games in between the showers.

Our teams played hard, fair and showed great sportsmanship. Today’s scores:

Junior/Freshman Boys Basketball – CAW 23 vs. Poyntelle 10

Junior/Middy Girls Softball – CAW 2 vs. Poyntelle 4

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 10 vs. B’nai Brith 0

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 22 vs. Wayne 9

GC Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Wayne 4 (Chen-A-Wanda wins in overtime with a 4 to 1 penalty kicks)

GC/ WAITER Boys Soccer – CAW 3 vs. B’nai Brith 2

Super Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 5

It was our Camper Talent Show tonight and with so many acts, we had to make this program into a two-part series. One thing is for sure, our campers got talent!! Our campers entertained a packed house with their singing, their dancing, their joke telling and everything in between. The talent show is a camp favorite as we see the shy blossom and the outgoing shine. The courage it takes to step on that stage and put yourself out there is a huge feat but when you have the entire Rec Hall cheering you on, it changes who you are.

Something tremendously special happened tonight for everyone here at camp. The singers received a standing ovation and the dancers heard cheers and massive applause for their talent. We have the most supportive, encouraging summer family here and tonight spoke volumes to everyone in the Rec Hall.  You are free to be exactly who you are here without judgment. It’s magical to experience it first hand. These moments will stay with us forever.


Chenny out