Simply Amazing

Without a doubt, today was amazing. It was a regular schedule of activities for our campers and they enjoyed every minute of it. As the day went on, the temperature got hotter and everyone wanted to cool down. Our lake, pool and the Zone were full of campers beating the heat. It was picturesque watching it all happen.

Games, games and more games….

Inter Girls and below Basketball – CAW 28 – Island Lake 0

Collegiate Girls Lacrosse – CAW 9 – Starlight 17

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 20 – Westmont 31

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 6 – Island Lake 3

GC’s Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 5 – Wayne 4

GC’s Boys Tennis – CAW 2 – Tioga 3

Everyone had busy dancing feet tonight in the Rec Hall, as it was a giant Dance Dance Revolution Party. Music was bumpin’, feet were dancin’ and all the campers got a great workout tonight. After a full day of activities and a full night of dancing feet, campers were ready to hit the hay.

Another fantastic day ends at Chenny with happy campers. As our first week comes to an end, we are all looking forward to Sunday sleep in to get a few extra zzzzzz’s .  We are having the time of our lives!!! Life is just simply amazing here.

Chenny out