A Happy 4th of July at CAW!

Today will stand out as one the best days of summer 2011. The spirit was at an all time high here as faces were painted, hair was sprayed with patriotic colors and everyone was sporting red, white and blue gear. It was all about being an American and having great pride in our country. The campers got into the spirit and the vibe on camp was contagious.

We had a full day of games and here are today’s scores:

Freshman, Junior & Middy Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 0 vs. Seneca Lake 16

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Wayne 0

Senior & Super Girls Lacrosse – CAW 6 vs. Bryn Mawr 13

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 13 vs. Tioga 0

GC/Waiter Boys Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 8

The excitement continued with our Minute To Win It, tryouts. Our Rec Hall was packed with hopefuls as they all tried to move a cookie from their forehead into their mouths without using their hands. Campers were also challenged to stack 5 dice onto a tongue depressor sticking out of their mouth. The campers who completed the tasks move on to the next level of competition and are vying for a spot in the big show. I think we have camp craze on our hands.

As the sun faded away behind our beautiful Fiddle Lake, it was time for fireworks. As we walked up the hill to the amphitheater, glowing from the red, white and blue glow necklaces and bracelet’s, we knew this was going to be a very special night. We celebrated together as we had a giant dance party waiting for the night sky to sparkle with lights. They could hear us in the next town as we sang on the top of our voices and danced like nobody was watching.  After our dance party, the campers settled into their seats as they watched in awe as the sky lit up with our very own firework extravaganza.  There is something so special about watching fireworks with your camp friends. It defines what summer is all about. We all shared the beauty of tonight with each other and will never forget the time we had. A truly spectacular evening!

Chenny out.