Tuesday Trip Day!

It was trip day today and all the campers had a great day.

Our Freshmen, Juniors and Middies spent the morning playing mini golf followed by an afternoon in the movies. Our littlest campers loved having a day out of camp, hanging with each other. It was great for them to have an afternoon relaxing in the movie theater, munching on popcorn and just being with one another.

Our Inters, Collegiates and Seniors spent the day at the State Park. They had so much fun hanging out with each other, soaking up the sun and just being together. They ended their great day having a BBQ just for them. A perfect summer day for this group.

The Supers & GC’s spent the morning touring the campus at West Point Academy followed by an afternoon of shopping at Woodbury Commons. Our oldest campers were intrigued with West Point and what life is like being a cadet and serving in our countries armed forces. Then it was time to shop!

All the campers are back at camp safe and sound. Most, if not all, tired from a great day out but all certainly loving the day they had and the memories they made. Summer 2011 just keeps getting better and better.


Chenny out.