Chenny Presents … West Side Story

Today was a spectacular day. The campers want to show off their summer home and spent time making sure their bunks look fantastic for your arrival tomorrow. We have so much Chenny pride and we are all feeling it here.  The energy is at an all time high as we are living a dream up here.

We had a sing off at lunch today. It’s hard to describe the energy in the Dining Hall, but I’ll try. Everyone camper was standing on their bench singing at the top of their lungs. Arms were around each other as campers swayed side to side in unison. Boy’s side made a giant circle in the Dining Hall as they sang Lean On Me. Girl’s side were dancing as if nobody was watching. Inhibitions are gone and you are accepted for exactly who you are. Nobody feels embarrassed to let loose and have fun. It was an insane lunch and there wasn’t a camper or staff member that wasn’t completely blown away at what happened today in our Dining Hall. Nobody wanted lunch to end as we sang song after song after song. We are a united family who breaks out into giant sing sessions, just because!!!

Tonight was all about the big show, West Side Story. The show was great and we loved watching them shine on stage. They danced, they sang and they entertained us. After each act, there were cheers, applause and standing ovations.  Getting on that stage and performing in front of the whole camp isn’t easy but when you have all your peers and counselors cheering you on, you feel like you can conquer the world. That’s what we do here, we life each other up!! We are so proud of our theater kids. They did a great job tonight. Bravo!!!!

We all know what is happening tomorrow and we can’t wait to see you and show you all the amazing things we do here at our summer home. It will be a memorable day. See you in a few hours. Can’t wait!!!!

Chenny out.