2 Red Bulls and Some Chenny Idol Made Today Phenomenal

What an extraordinary day we all had. The weather was spectacular and all activities were full of happy campers.

Our Boys had their swim meet at Starlight today and placed 4th out of 8 Camps. We are proud of their hard work, commitment and sportsmanship. Go Chenny Boys Swim Team!!

The excitement of the day was definitely about our 2 soccer stars that visited us today. Veteran Chris Albright and the phenom, Juan Agudelo of the New York Red Bulls spent the afternoon with us. They ran skills and drills exercises, had a Q & A session and ended with a cross bar challenge with our kids. The campers loved having the players here and Chris and Juan enjoyed the Chenny spirit. The campers were so enthusiastic and excited to learn some tips from the pros. As Chris and Juan left camp, they put on their Chen-A-Wanda T-shirts and said to us, “We will wear these with pride and will be back again next year.” What a great time we all had. We are rooting’ for the Red Bulls!!!!

It was a Chenny Idol kind of night. We all headed into the Rec Hall and were excited to listen to the Top 10 Finalists in this years Chenny Idol perform a song of their choice.  You saw divisions get behind their favorite singer as all 10 performed live in front of the whole camp. It will be a very difficult decision the judges have as they pick the Top 3 that will be in the final show. The campers were amazing, talented and shined on stage. They gave it their all and brought the house down. Everyone was clapping along in support of our very talented singers.

There is something quite special about our camp as we all rally behind each other. Those singers took the stage and looked out at a packed house looking back at them. As each singer started, there were cheers and claps and arms waving side to side. Those 10 that took the stage tonight will never forget their moment. Ally Heller, Julia Bromley, Jake Quadrino, Daisy Chaskin, Daniel Gur, Justin Oresky, Olivia Hornick, Amanda Model, Jordan Leeds and Carly Wills felt the feeling of success tonight. Your courage amazes us, your voice inspires us and we loved watching you tonight as you entertained us!!!

Chenny out.