Visiting Day 2011… A Perfect Chenny Day!!!

What we all experienced today was magical.  With the weather being unbelievably ideal, the day was perfect. It was our plan to show you what an amazing time we have been having here so far and from the looks of it, you got it. You experienced a glimpse of what happens here at Chen-A-Wanda.

Watching you embrace your children and holding them so tight was awe-inspiring. You just can’t prepare for the emotions that happen on visiting day. Today belonged to you and your family and we hope you had an amazing day. We sure did. Hopefully you saw your kids happy and loving their experience here.

After you all left today, it was organized free play to get us back in the swing of things. It didn’t take too long to get back into full camp mode. We all headed into the Rec Hall tonight to watch the hilarious Hypnotist show. Our campers loved watching their counselors up on stage getting hypnotized. They were belly dancing, walking the runway like supermodels and barking like dogs. It was the perfect evening activity for a night like tonight.  The laughs were heard all throughout camp.

We have had three amazing weeks and cannot wait for the next four. It just gets better and better. We are living a dream up here and are so glad you had a day to experience what our summer home feels like everyday. Thank you all for a day we will never forget.

Chenny Out