Chenny Families Rock!

You helped make visiting day 2014 an absolutely remarkable day. We hope you enjoyed your time at camp and got to see for yourself how special this place truly is. There is nothing quite as magical as watching you run to your camper and hug them so tight you just don’t want to let go. We know how much today means to you and your family and we hope that we provided a day you wont forget.  For 3 weeks, your kids have been navigating their way through this experience, beautifully coping with whatever comes their way and have grown by leaps and bounds. It is such an emotional day for everyone but rest assured your kids, even those who shed a tear upon your departure were in stitches tonight as they watched their favorite counselors get hypnotized and do things that were off the charts hilarious. The laughter was out of control as tonight’s evening activity was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

It is a joy waking up to the bugles and playing with your children all day long. We have 4 more weeks of pure bliss here and we are not going to waste a moment of it. Thank you again for the unwavering love and support you give to all of us up here. We felt it today and hope you did too. Enjoy the rest of your summer because we will most definitely be enjoying ours. Chenny families ROCK!!!!

Chenny out.