Camp Is Where We Shine

A father of a camper mentioned something to me yesterday at Visiting Day that stuck out and was worth mentioning in tonight’s blog. He was overwhelmed with emotion as he described how his daughter shines here and is authentically herself here. “She is free to be exactly who she is here and for that I am eternally grateful”, he said.  “There is no inhibition, no worries that she will be judged here.” There is no way to pretend to be someone you are not day in and day out. The mask comes off here and the real you is encouraged to emerge. You get to be yourself, without judgment or ridicule. There is acceptance and appreciation here. His daughter shines here. She found her stride here. He thanked me and enjoyed the day with his beautiful daughter. I watched them throughout the day and as she was smiling cuddled up beside him, she exuded a confidence from the inside out. We have watched this camper blossom and become her authentic self. This is a world like no other as this is the story of what happens inside our gates.

It was beautiful day for our athletes who put their everything into each game. We are proud of their effort and the sportsmanship they exude on the fields and courts.

Senior Girls Tennis – Tyler Hill 3 vs. CAW 2

Super Girls Soccer – Wayne 3 vs. CAW 0

Inter Boys Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Westmont 0

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Westmont 26

Super Boys Basketball – Westmont 39 vs. CAW 27

Super/GC LAX – CAW 16 vs. Lohikan 5

GC/CIT  Boys Basketball – CAW 52 vs. Island Lake 10

Camp is where shine and tonight we were as bright as the sun, as our campers took the stage in the Camper Talent show. There were 13 acts that stood up on our stage and performed in front of the whole camp. That is not an easy fete for anyone but this Chenny audience was overwhelmingly supportive giving standing ovations after each performance. Imagine being 8 years old and singing all by yourself as a packed house was singing along with you. That initial shaky voice very quickly grew stronger with each note. Looking out a the audience who was rocking out, clapping along and singing with you gives you something you can’t quite explain; a confidence that will be with you forever. To be present at these moments is seeing the best part of humanity. Every year this evening activity restores my faith in how good we are to one another here. A collegiate boy camper took center stage and started playing his guitar. A few keys were missed but he kept the beat and within just a few moments he had us all singing Radioactive along with him. We joined in with him and as he looked out at the entire Shields Hall singing with him, he had his moment to shine. It was electric and everyone in that hall had chills upon chills. We are a community, a family of sorts and tonight allowed us to be our authentic self and shine. Our Chenny kids are remarkably unique, brilliant, and talented and they put on one fantastic show tonight.  Just another day in paradise.

Chenny out