We Are Ready For You

We all know what is happening tomorrow and we just can’t contain the excitement. We spent the day getting our summer home ready for you and it looks beautiful.  In just a few short hours, our families will be lining up down camp road and visiting day 2014 will officially begin.

Our athletes were focused and fierce today as they played hard on the courts and fields.

Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 16 vs. Nesher 6

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 18 vs. Lavi 14

Middy Boys Soccer – Wayne 4 vs. CAW 0

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Wayne 22 (CAW has moved into the Championship)

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Wayne 6

GC/CIT Boys Softball – Seneca Lake 12 vs. CAW 3

Another fantastic week has passed by and another hardy congratulations to the following Campers of the Week!!!!

Freshmen –                          Haylin Roth                   Jesse Ryback

Junior –                                Ashleigh Brett                 Max Leff

Middies –                             Lexi Tave                         Mason Berlin

Inters –                                Emily Burke                    Dylan Bortnick

Collegiates –                       Skylar Kohn                  Jack Santoro

Seniors –                             Sara Ackerman             Eli Kellner

Supers –                              Lexi Bernstein              Max Moritz

GC’s –                                  Ashley Epstein              Jared Kohn

CIT’s                                    Ally Kaplan                  Zack Schiege

The night was all about Boys Lip Sync and they put on quite a show. From our most darling Freshmen all the way through to our styling CIT’s they rocked the house tonight. The performances were awesome, entertaining and heartfelt. Shields Hall was rockin’ but there could only be one winner from lower camp and one from upper. Tonight’s winner for lower camp went to the Middies for their incredible performance homage to Miley Cyrus. You have to see it to believe it!! It was a tie between the GC’s and CIT’s for the upper camp win and what better way to break a tie than a game of rock paper scissors. A nail biting effort by both divisions but when CIT Jacob Rubenstein chose paper and GC camper Sammy Metzger threw down Rock, tonight’s Boys Lip Sync Upper camp winner went to the CIT’s. It was a great night full of laughs, entertainment and dance all brought by Boys side.

Only a few more hours until you get to hug your children. We can’t wait to see you in the morning!!!  We wish you nothing but a joyful day with your family tomorrow. Happy Visiting Day!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda

Chenny out.