Boys Lip Sync was a HIT!!!!!

Another gorgeous day at camp. We slept in a bit to recover from yesterdays trips and we all appreciated it. But after breakfast it was games and activities. The weather was perfect and we all loved being outside. Where else can you have a soccer game in the morning, head on over to play practice, then play some tennis, tye dye your white tank, play in the ZONE, and head to the aqua park to get blobbed off the water trampoline. That happens here at camp. It’s just amazing and so much fun that all this happens in just one day.

Tonight was all about Boys Lip Sync and they put on quite a show. Our Juniors got gangsta and were over the top adorable. The Middies were a pack of wolves who danced in unison. Our Inters blew everyone away with a Disney medley. The Collegiates performed a camp favorite and Jai Ho’d. Our Seniors were the Men in Tights singing tunes from Robin Hood. The Supers wow’d  the crowd as the Blue Man Group. GC’s took control and brought a collection of unique music selections as they dressed as Indians and had a Chinese dragon dance through the crowd.

There could only be one winner in lower camp and it was a tough decision but congratulations to our Inter Boys who entertained us all. They put a lot work into their performance and it showed. Upper camp was a hard decision too but the win went to our GC’s and their far out fabulous show. They were creative, unique and so entertaining. It was a great night that we all enjoyed so very much. Another camp favorite for summer 2010 went off with a bang. Great work boys.

Next ….Is it Color War????? We shall see…..

Chenny out.