Trip Day!!!!!

All our campers spent the day out of camp on their fabulous trips. Our Juniors and Middies had a fantastic day at Camel Beach Water Park. The splashed in the wave pool and went down lazy river. Munched on goodies and were home safe by 8pm. Our Inters, Collegiates and Seniors had their own fun filled at Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom. As it was a bit overcast, they felt as if they had the park to themselves. They too are safely back home and in their bunks. Supers and GC’s started their morning at the State Park. As it started to rain, plan B took effect and they went to see a summer movie. All kids are back home safe and sound.

Tomorrow will be back to a regular CAW day!!! Could it be Color War Day?????????????? We shall see.

Chenny out.