CAW Goes Hollywood!!!!

We had a great day with traditional inter camp games that we hosted. Our Middie Boys and GC’s/CIT Girls played soccer and basketball against Camp Echo. We had great games with loads of team spirit and sportsmanship. The weather help up after a few showers in the late morning and then it was back outside to play.

Tonight was our Movie Musical Revue and it was fantastic. With a total of 100 campers in the show, we were entertained by the musical talent our campers displayed.  The campers sang their hearts out and dazzled us with their dances. They sang songs from Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Footloose, Dream Girls and some other unreal musical medleys. We were captivated. The Rec Hall was singing along and cheering on the performers. It’s an atmosphere that is infectious, supportive and full camp spirit. Our stage is where you can let yourself go, be creative and see your fullest potential. Congratulations to the cast who we are so proud of. Thank you for entertaining us.

We had another fake out tonight as our head counselors crept onto the stage as Gary was dismissing camp back to their bunks. All of the sudden you hear the Mission Impossible theme and the crowd goes wild, chanting.. One,Two, Three, Four…. We Want Color War!!!!!  Dressed as Robbers, they held big laundry bags on their backs looking like it was filled with loot. As they crept around the stage, they placed the bags front and center and out came Matthew & Sarah Gershman. As the crowd went wild, Matthew and Sarah in unison said “Sorry, it’s not Color War…. yet!!!!!”

Will it be tomorrow?

Chenny out.