You Can’t Do It Alone

Each summer I am privileged to witness the best parts of your children and today didn’t disappoint as I saw kindness and love rise to the top in a very special way. We have a camper who has been coming to Chenny for years but this year, nerves knocked on her door and it hasn’t been an easy ride. From her smiling face, you would never know that on the inside she was feeling homesick and uneasy. But she kept it inside and just didn’t want anyone to know. When she sat with me today and cried and saw a huge mountain in front of her, I asked if she shared these feelings about missing home with her friends to which she shook her head no. I told her the only way to get over that huge mountain in front of her was to trust her friends and let them in and talk about it and that support would get her through the times she felt alone. I knew she needed backup and she couldn’t do it alone, nobody can do it alone.  She named 2 friends to which she thought could be her support and with her permission agreed for me to fill them in. Feeling shy and nervous about revealing her homesickness, I sat with these two amazing girls and brought them up to speed on what their friend was facing and how she was keeping it all inside. Without hesitation, they wanted to help their friend whom they had no idea how sad she was feeling on the inside. These two incredible kids showed compassion and kindness and said it so perfectly, “We got her. We won’t let our friend do this alone. We will have her back and help her through this.” You see, this little girl who has been here for years just didn’t want to burden anyone with how she was feeling and her friends had no idea but when they heard that she was struggling, they stepped up, grabbed her hand, put their arms around her and told her that they are by her side, always. I saw the three of them on their way to dinner and when they saw me they stopped and gave me a wink as to say, Don’t worry we got her covered.  The camper who had cried to me earlier today looked happier than I have ever seen. A smile so genuine and a look as she shed that weight that was heavy on her heart. She opened up, trusted and let her friends help. It was magical and she wasn’t alone. She is climbing that mountain with her friends right by her side. This is what it’s all about.

Onto our athletes who played with dedication and incredible sportsmanship today. We couldn’t be more proud of our Chenny athletes.

Inter/Collegiate Girls Tennis Tournament @ Tyler Hill – Congrats to Jillian Oresky, Julia Knobloch and Shaya Roth made it to the Semi-Finals

GC/CIT Girls LAX – CAW vs. Towanda – CAW wins by forfeit

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 11 @ Starlight 4

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 9 @ Westmont 2

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW @ Island Lake – CAW wins by forfeit

Senior/Super Boys  LAX – CAW 11 @ Island Lake 12

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 10 @ Starlight 4

It was Round Robin tonight for our evening activity and each division had their own awesome event planned. There was beach bonfires, and candy sushi, there was birdcage making in Arts & Crafts along with Biddy Basketball tournaments. There was movies and wiffle ball tournaments and we even had an Escape room. The kids loved their night at Chenny and it was just a remarkable day. Just can’t get better than this!!!

Chenny out.