A Mudder and a Few Trips Makes Happy Chenny Kids

Our Freshman – Collegiate campers had an absolute incredible day here at camp while Navajo campers were all out on their trips today. Camp belonged to our youngest campers and they had a ball. It was Color Mudder today and they got down and dirty, literally they were in the mud and couldn’t have been happier. They started at the front gate and the bugle blew and their were off on their race to the finish line. Through the course, it was muddy and wet and it was awesome. There is nothing like watching children jump in and over puddles and squish around in mud pits. As they took heaps and handfuls of mud slopping it on their heads, it was joyful. They were encouraged to get dirtier and just as they couldn’t have been messier, they crossed the finish line where they were doused with color powder adding to this insanely messy day. The messier and squishier the better then everyone jumped into the lake and exhilaration spread throughout camp. Your kids loved it and as one camper said it perfectly as he dove head first into the mud pit,  he yelled “I’ve been wanting to play in the mud my whole life, woohooo!!!”

It was trip day for our Navajo campers and what an incredible day they too. Our Seniors spent their day at the State Park, relaxing, sunning, swimming and enjoying a gorgeous day  with perfect weather. The campers were in heaven as they chilled out and had a perfectly relaxing day. Then it was off to the movies to catch this summer’s blockbusters. A perfect relaxing summer day for our Seniors. Our Supers and GC’s spent their day white water rafting up the Lehigh River and it was exhilarating, challenging, beautiful and a trip our campers loved. They got off the bus when they returned to camp and though they were physically exhausted from the rigors of the river, they were energized from a day well spent. Every single camper said the same thing, “It was AWESOME” and “We LOVED it!!”  Out CIT’s  had a fun day playing laser tag followed by a movie and as the big kids on campus, they chose their own day off and loved it. Our CIT’s are truly amazing kids and they are making their last camper year count. They are spirited, happy, appreciative and so happy to be here. They grew up here at Chenny and they define what a Chenny kid is. We are so proud to have watched them grow into these incredible responsible, kind hearted people who we are proud to call our CIT’s of Summer 2016.

Our first trip day is in the books. Everyone is back home safe and sound and sleeping peacefully from a day well spent. Life is Great!

Chenny out